Personally, Sir’s video lectures were the perfect fit for my style of preparation as they had almost everything which I thought I might miss out on face to face batches as the cost for saving time. Apart from concepts, the videos also included revision videos which helped me a lot-LOT as they were my go-to lectures during the last weeks of my preparation. The notes and especially the charts were a great deal of help as ultimately my self-study consisted of just me and sir’s notes. The audit was made simple and Neeraj sir played a great role in my score of 76 marks in audit in intermediate Nov19 exams. Highly recommended!

by Anushka Sharma

Namaste Sir
Just watched video relating to practical aspects of audit SA220. It was awesome!! The previous video was also very interesting. I have also subscribed to the course of audit pathshala and I am really excited about it. Only because of you, my thinking about Audit has developed. Thank you so much, sir

    by Shikhar Kothari

Shomna's Story...

Neeraj arora sir you are awesome. I have never admired anyone SO MUCH from the internet.
For all the efforts you've made and each and every step you ve taken for CA fraternity CA students is commendable and huge respect and more power to you sir. During this lockdown and the situation which was made up due to uncertainty of exams, your YT videos and podcasts have helped me the most to "KEEP CALM AND KEEP KAAM SE KAAM"!! In one of your podcasts you've told to wake up and bath as early as possible and by doing just that it helped me in my studies (until next notification by icai or uncertainty situation being build up). And after that again in one of your podcasts and YT video. 
You told us to meditate and do yoga.
I started that too and it has again helped me a lot in calming my mind and my productivity has never been 0 hrs (it has been 2 hr or 3 hrs in the worst times and i m happy about it) And very recently after the SC pil being filed on icai and after the tarikh pr tarikh , i was demotivated and couldn't study. But SIRRR, you again in your YT vid told us to study in " ya toh ekdm ghor ratri ya toh ekdm subha 4 am, and sham ko jab sab pagal horhe ho tab ap bhi ho jao, and ek time nikal lo chinta krne ka "
IT HAS HELPED ME ON ANOTHER LEVEL And actually started getting up at 4.30 am (bas ek din ki nind pr compromise krkr)
And literally till 10am my 4 hrs of study was already done including the bathing ,yoga/meditation and watering the plants. And bas din main 4 -5 hrs or nikal lo toh you are done till evening. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH SIR. Even i knew what has to be done and that i should wake up early but i had no confidence on what i knew but sir you giving us productivity hacks on the VERY RIGHT TIME gave me validation and a hope that its possible. 

And i ve taken your classes for auditing, Eis Sm, FM eco, Income Tax

And i ve taken your classes for auditing, Eis Sm, FM eco, Income Tax. Sir your audit classes are of ANOTHER LEVEL. Your classes are awesome. And special special thanks for putting efforts to make EIS classes more interesting i truly enjoy them and all your classes And SM be my favourite favorite after ive studied from you. SM and Audit is my most favourite sir. Kyuki i got to feel the soul of specially these 2 subjects. And im very grateful for that.. Unfortunately, in my 1st attempt i was not even aware of you (my bad)
But after taking your classes i actually studied CA inter. (Idk what my first teachers taught me, patani I didnt connect to the teachers i initially took classes from, for inter) but fortunately enough I found your classes and YT channel

Love from Students

Sir A big thanks for your support because of your motivation and youtube videos I cleared my intermediate group as well. So thank you Sir btw I took audit classes from you and just want to tell you your classes are the Best.

By Srijan Sharma

Jai hind sir! Scored 63 in audit and can’t thank you enough for this! As you have a huge contribution to this. Took your online audit classes and since then recommended all my friends to go for the same and no doubt all thanked me for this😂 Padhne me bada mazaa aaya par marks ka darr rehta hi tha islye kuch bola nhi aapko. Ab marks bhi h aur knowledge bhi, thank you so so much for this sir!

By Vedangi Dugar

Sir cleared my group 2 exams just because of ur revision videos as well as motivational videos as i have never scored more than 20 marks in audit in the past attempt but this time ur videos were enough to clear my audit paper as well as my group 2. Thank you so much sir❤️❤️

By Chetan

Hello sir
My name is Gaurang and I was ur online course student. I scored 81 in audit(Ca inter) in nov.19 and I want to thank you for such a superb style of teaching. This couldn’t possible without your guidance

By Gaurang Sharma

Sir i get 67 marks and pass group 1 in first attempt. Thanku sir for teaching us so excellent and keep motivating us. Sir ur teaching style is unique which always helps us to stay motivated. Thanku Thanku Thanku so much sir..

By Abhi Garg

Thank You So Much, Sir, for your conscientious teaching and exemplary mentorship❤️ because of which I have cleared My Intermediate Group 1 exam with 291 marKs And achieved a great score in Taxation exam with 83 marks !! Keep motivating us with your wisdom and expertise “Seekhte Rahe! Kyoki Sikhna Band To Jitna Band”

By Harkirat Singh Sohal


Hi my name is Diwakar Kalantry.
I took Audit from Neeraj Arora Classes for Nov'2019 Attempt. I Scored 68 marks in Audit only because of Neeraj Arora Sir's teaching methodology & revision strategy. Things which I like about Neeraj Arora Sir can not be expressed in words but still, I'm trying to short with a few of them which include the method of making anything understandable & the way he inspired us to give the best. All the memory techniques provided by you were amazing & easily understandable Sir.
Also, the problem which each & every student suffers about having doubts is solved on the platform of Telegram in a very less span of time. The way he (Neeraj sir) motivates till the exams is the best quality I found in him as a friend, as a teacher & as a mentor❤️.

Again I would say that I can't write about all the feelings which I have for Sir as the words will fall short but yeah he is not just an amazing person rather the best teacher I believe & from the core of my heart I would just say thank you for teaching Audit as a practical subject.

I will recommend EDU91 because this platform provides an easy way to interact with all the subjects with the best teachers & obviously the fees is as low as anyone can afford. I think that sir keeps his fees low just to do some CSR😂 along with his usual routine of teaching! Thank you so much support from your side sir❤️!! & Obviously thanks to EDU91 as well.


Neeraj arora sir is the best teacher i have ever come across. He is really a passionate teacher and his joyful nature makes teaching really interesting even if u r seeing it in pendrive. Looking forward to learn from him in ca final Thanks & Regards. Rahul Yadav


       Neeraj sir, as i type this with tears in my eyes i would like to pour out what i feel about you. I have cleared both my CA inter groups in first attempt. I studied Tax, Audit and SM from you. I cannot imagine clearing these papers with a score that implies exemption. I just want to let you know that your existence in itself has been an absolute blessing. I cannot thank Lord enough for helping me choose you as my mentor for CA Inter. I am facing certain lows as of now. I want to get into big fours but it seems that God has different plans. Whatever it is, i promise i will make you proud. I will make it big. I cannot wait for people to come up to me and appreciate my hard work and i can proudly tell them, Neeraj sir was my mentor, i owe alot of what i have achieved to him. I have taken so many of your courses! Let's not get started with that. I need to work on certain areas of concern, which i surely will. Please don't ever stop being who you are. We desperately need teachers like you. Thank you for existing sir. Thank you for everything. I will pray that i get to meet you someday. Touch your feet and seek your blessings.


I have taken several online classes from Neeraj sir and there are some similarities in each.
Sir always teaches in a way that connects me to that subject. Sir always teaches in exam oriented ways which helped me toh get good score in thora subjects.


     Hi, my name is Prasad Vidyadhar Devrukhkar. I have TAKEN TAX classes from Neeraj Arora Classes for Nov 2019 Subject. I scored 50 Marks in TAX Subject. I liked the things about EDU91.. 1) Great Conceptual Understanding. 2) Good Doubt Support till exams. 3) Technical support also good.. I never scored these marks in last 6 attempts.. Because of NEERAJ sir, I scored 50 Marks in TAX....And I cleared Group 1.. Thank U so much sir..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


         ’m Hardik Nanda. I studied CA Inter Income tax and GST from Neeraj Arora sir for NOVEMBER 2019 attempt. I scored 270 marks in group 1 with 70 marks in taxation.I would like to extend my gratitude towards Neeraj sir and his team for their efforts. The customer support and doubt solving mechanism at NAC is highly efficient. Neeraj sir is a concept-oriented teacher and doesn’t believe in mugging things up. The coverage of subjects is as per the requirement of the exam. I would recommend NAC for the value offered by them and their customer-oriented approach.


Good evening sir!
This is Saket Bodana from vadodara(Gujarat). I have taken your Auditing and assurance online course for May 2019 attempt. Would like to tell you that i have scored 75 marks. In Nov 2018 attempt, i got 21 marks i.e before taking your coaching. In this regard, i want to convey my sincere thanks to you and would like to request you that if possible may i come Faridabad for just a small interview with you so that the entire world should know the power of your teaching/coachings. For the same, ready to bear travelling and other expenses. Also, for scholarship i have duly written my reviews on google and awaiting Prize policy form from your side. Once again sincere thanks for the same. Best Regards. Saket Bodana


      Hello Neeraj Sir,
How are you doing? Hope this message finds you in good health.

I'm appearing in the May 2020 exams and will be writing Group 2 as I cleared Group 1 in the November 2019 attempt. I've taken coaching for 3 subjects - Audit, EIS and SM from NAC. The first time I experienced the 'The Neeraj Arora Experience' was a few months ago when I was preparing for the November 2019 attempt. I came across your YouTube video on Capital Gains Revision. It was simply superb. In 39 minutes, I had the full picture of capital gains in my mind and that has never left my mind. After that experience, I saw a lot of your YouTube videos related to the November 2019 exam - GST amendments, how to go about studying the previous day of the exam, etc and I realised and was convinced that you're no less than a legend. I remember you telling us about Mr Ajay Jain, your teacher and how he used to motivate all of his students so much that they would end up becoming one of a kind. For me, you're just like that. I wouldn't call you another Ajay Jain, you're THE Neeraj Arora and you sir, cannot be compared with anyone. Your classes were wholesome. My concepts have become so clear. In auditing especially, if my parents wake me up at 3 am and ask me the definition of, for example, Internal control, it is on the tip of my tongue. You've made me fall in love with the subject. You've motivated me a lot. You've taught me that the two letters in front of my name aren't going to get me anywhere but the

 values, ethics and knowledge I carry with those two letters will give me success.

I had taken coaching from an institute in Bangalore for May 2019 attempt. The auditing, EIS and SM classes were pathetic there. (Sorry for being so brutally honest). The teacher who took audit would scream at us and teach us. Doubts which were considered "good" were only answered. Concepts were not at all clear. I wrote the May exam saying Jai Mata Di and obviously the results weren't favourable. After this, I decided I would take the exams group wise. For the November 2019 attempt, I saw your amendment videos for DT and IDT and was in awe. Whatever you said was important, came in the exam. It helped me score very good marks in taxation. Thank you for being so generous and uploading amendments videos for free. Soon after the exams, I bought your Audit classes. The first class of Audit itself assured me that I am going to do extremely well in the exams. As audit classes were going on, I bought EIS and SM too. My concepts in all the 3 subjects are like crystal clear water. I have understood that if your concept is clear, the CA exam is just a 3-hour journey away (per subject :D). You have given us so many examples and stories to remember the important advantages, characteristics, etc. Each time I look at a concept, I remember the story and scooter pe kick maarti hun :D

The examples you give while teaching - the ones I remember the most is of Apple and One plus for SM. They are extremely relatable. Whenever you told a fact, I have paused the class and gone and researched/read about it online. This has helped me build my general knowledge. I also used your teaching technique to study the first 2 chapters of EIS and I am really clear with the concepts in those chapters too. 

Thank you for changing my way of studying and making it extremely efficient.

I also follow Fin91 on youtube. It has enhanced my spectrum of knowledge in the stock market field. I have learnt to analyse things in the stock market point of view. I can have good conversations with my parents about the stock market and the credits go to you.
After my exams, I would be honoured to work for you as an intern. Learn from you and be of help to you in any which way possible, within and outside my capabilities.  I am writing to you today because I finished one whole round of studying and 1-time revision and I have never felt so confident in my entire life. I am extremely overwhelmed today. Thank you for providing us with extremely good quality education and making sure we become extremely good quality human beings.
Forever Grateful,
Shreya Nayak


Sir, thank you very much for your precious time that you're providing to us in times and situation like these. 😍People are so self centred nowadays except for people like you. You never had any personal intention from your students or anyone. You always there to help people in need. I admire you a lot sir, and you inspire almost every student (except for some bad elements of the society of course). You've handled those DHUSHTS AND PAAPIS very well sir. Yalgar ho! This was the real "Teri Keh Ke Lunga", and I'm sorry for these unprofessional words. 😈 Your constant presence on Twitter and YouTube kept me positive and motivated.😇 Sir really love you sir.❤️ We all want a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a guru, a brother like you. I'm so grateful that I'm your student.☺️


And experience bahot accha hai. Like I said Inter CA mai bhi aapse hi Audit padha hai. Pehle 2 attempt mai pata hi nai tha ki Audit kya hai.. 3rd attempt mai aapki classes li. And after that I was only praying ki aap 

CA Final mai bhi sikhana start kardo.

The way you explain each and every topic, I don't think anyone can give itni acchi clarity iss subject main. Trust me, jaise hi mujhe pata chala ki aapne CA Final ki Audit ki classes launch kari hai, maine sabse pehle aake gharpe bola tha ki Neeraj Arora ki CA Final classes leni hai. Audit unhi se padhunga. And CA Final mai, mujhe ab tak har ek chiz bahot acche se samjhi hai. Thank you so much for all the efforts you put in! ❤️ Thanks a lot. Inter CA mai 1st 2 attempts mai I got less than 40. And 3rd attempt mai 65 marks aaye. I assure you Sir (reasonable assurance like you say) that, I'll put enough efforts from my end as well for CA Final Audit (and other subjects as well) and 1st attempt mai iss baar Exemption leke aane ki koshish karunga!


Hi sir, Myself Bhupendra. Your classes are amazing.. I was even your ipcc student.. so vishwas toh tha hi.. actually what i need in audit is someone who make me remember the answers easily so dat i dont have to spend much time on it..and this is the best part about your classes that majority of the answers get stuck in the mind with keywords in the class itself... the indepth study for a particular topic makes it more interesting and by learning from you audit is always fun and easy to learn.

Also the notes are really good.. the table format u use is really beneficial.. boxes to write keywords.


Sir, ur SM course is amazing for inter. I must say u r an ideal teacher & an epitome of knowledge. I liked ur teaching so much that i requested my parents n am joining ur online audit, company law & AS course also now just for revising though i hv learned everything in my classes, they hv taught very well no doubt but since our exams r postponed; ur lectures r helping me for additional revision as i want to clear inter in 1st attempt n maintain my performance consistently. Very lucky that atleast now i got to know abt ur classes. Ty so much for giving us valuable knowledge! I completed ur GST course for July 2020 exams. 

Ur way of teaching by showing real notifications, bare acts & specifically conceptual teaching by making each small point clear with logic is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed ur course. 

Thank you so much!


Hi sir or Ma'am. I'm had enrolled for neeraj sir's pgbp class and i am CMA student. Trust me this is the best class that i have ever paid for. Extremely delighted to attend sir's class which offers edutainment. His jokes and his way of teaching is just amazing that i started binge-watching the lecture series.
As cma and ca has some course content to be similar if sir can collate such courses and offer for cma students it will be helpful
Once again i would like to thank sir for his wonderful way of teaching i prefer more of his recorded classes rather than classroom recorded classes as recorded classes are more fun and has more stories !!
Thank you team for your efforts. Regards


I dont know if you are reading this... But if you are reading... Please say to Neeraj Arora Sir... Thank you from the core of my heart...Salute to him for providing discounts at this time... I m serious...i had already messaged you all for discounts and you all bought it for every student who wants to pursue his dream... Thank you to every member of Team and Neeraj Arora sir..As always you are the best teacher and love you sir❤️... The rates are jaw i never saw such discounts...
Thank you again...


Dear neeraj sir, I'm Tanuj Sharma From Jaipur, Rajasthan
I took your classes in CA IPCC of auditing and Strategic management. And I found them all Wonderful. And I'm thinking to take CA Final Auditing from you again.


Hello sir, today I feel so satisfied can't even explain you. This all because of you. Today early in the morning, I was having a chat with my elder sister who is from science field. She suddenly ask me what is Audit? Why entities appoint auditor? Aren't they enemy of company? Why not auditor expose company on the sport when the find something fishy? How Auditor conduct audit?
And I was able to clear her each and every doubt with full confidence, that time it felt something for which I really don't have words.
I'm so thankful to you for teaching each and every concept in such a beautiful way (at the same time I thank Supriti ma'am too for sharing her knowledge, which gave me confidence ki Jo bhi hum class room me sikhte hai Woh practical world me waise hi apply Hota ha)
I thought you are the most deserving person with whom I should share my happiness so I'm here.


By d way sir quarantine m aapki clss dkh k din nikl jate sir 5-5 ghnte clss dkhne bad bhi bore ni hota sir r d best audit teacher sir class ke bad bas ek bar reading krni hoti ratne ki jrurt hi nai padti aap utte ache s smjha bhi dete hai aur ratwa bhi dete.....thankyou sooo much sir god bless you...😁😁


Hyy sir... I am your online student.. I bought Google drive course in audit for may 2020 attempt. Honestly, earlier i was uncertain whether to take audit classes from you or not but as i feel, it turned out be my best decision. No one can teach audit better than you do. I love your style, the way you teach and your sense of humour. I just completed all my lectures and sahi m aapse pdhke moksh ki praapti ho gyi. Thank you so much sir.


Hi my name is kartikey maheshwari I have taken audit and sm from neeraj Arora classes for may 2019 attempt.
I scored 72 marks in audit subject things I like about nac
1 speedy response
2 conceptual understanding
3.effective support
I will recommend nac because they provide conceptual clearity plus they have very good support system..
Thanks and regards
EDU91 team..


I have cleared both groups in first attempt and scored 71 in tax . Thankyou so much sir for all the motivation and guidance . It was my best decision to become your student and go for your online class of tax , gst , audit and eis sm. Thankyou so much .


Why i am saying single group. Please listen Vanshika followed the same strategy and now she is ca finals. You sent this in the group chat sir. I wish i had started following you before 2 years. You are giving students practical tips on how to clear CA with ease.

My story is also the same sir, i passed IPCC only in the 5th attempt. For the first three attempts i had been writing both the groups just beacuse a few teachers told me that the extra marks you score 1st group will help you if you don't get 150 (the aggregate) in the second group. It is then i started to follow your videos and was so impressed with your style of teaching and more importantly engaging with the students as a friend rather than a teacher. I gave single groups in my 4th and 5th attempt and cleared inter.

You have been such a huge impact in my path to become something big. Thank you so much sir❤️ and keep changing the lives of students for the better :)


Maam i have taken classes for may 2019 but given exam in nov 2019.. i delayed my attempt because of my graduation but cleared it in one go... i have taken taxation, audit and eis sm... and in all three i have scored 60+..


Thank You So Much Sir for your conscientious teaching and exemplary mentorship❤️ because of which I have cleared My Intermediate Group 1 exams with 291 marKs And achieved a great score in Taxation exam with 83 marks !!
Keep motivating us with your wisdom and expertise.

“Seekhte Rahe! Kyoki Sikhna Band To Jitna Band”


Sir A big thanks for your support because of your motivation and youtube videos I cleared my intermediate group as well. So thank you. Sir btw I took audit classes from you and just want to tell you your classes are the Best.


Jai hind sir! Scored 63 in audit and can't thank you enough for this! As you have a huge contribution in this. Took your online audit classes and since then recommended all my friends to go for the same and no doubt all thanked me for this😂 Padhne me bada mazaa aaya par marks ka darr rehta hi tha islye kuch bola nhi aapko. Ab marks bhi h aur knowledge bhi, thankyou so so much for this sir!


Sir cleared my group 2 exams just because of ur revision videos as well as motivational videos as i have never scored more than 20 marks in audit in the past attempt but this time ur videos were enough to clear my audit paper as well as my group 2. Thank you so much sir❤️❤️


Hey Sir, just carrying on with ca final audit class. Miss you ipcc classes even the well famous sir cant match your ipcc audit level. You had really put lot of effort in preparing the shortcut. Audit is very simple to understand but trick to remember it is something every teacher should give. So wish you started with ca final audit as well.
Honestly audit is very simple and can be learnt easily as everything is so practical but u need trick to learn main point which you had given in ipcc. And I guess best professor is not given such trick then no one else might give. We have so less time that we cant make our own trick.that we expect it from audit teacher.

Recently we were asked by our partner sec 143(3) I was able to say it because of the picture chart you had made it was simply amazing!


Happy morning sir. U r just awesome. Sir apse 143(12) ki definition 2017 me padi ti ipc k liye. Aaj final level pe b mind me yaad h apne uss tym itta strong retain krvaya ta ❤️


Happy morning sir. U r just awesome. Sir apse 143(12) ki definition 2017 me padi ti ipc k liye. Aaj final level pe b mind me yaad h apne uss tym itta strong retain krvaya ta ❤️


Sir, Finally it's CA. Rohit Jain. Thank you so much for everything. Bahut waqt lag gaya sir. If you weren't there naa meri Articleship lagti Protiviti mein , naa mera IPCC 2nd group hota. Main beshak sir final aapse nahi pada but aapne yeh padaya ki padte kaise hai. Concept register, summary, revision, priority of chapters, exam prep, tests, writing tips what not. Yaha tak single pen use karne se lekar comm skills par improve karne tak sab bataya sir aapne. 

Thanks a ton from me and my parents.


This message is going to be a little bit longer...please read it in your spare time sir..😊

I could'nt even express how much i love your way of teaching...currently i am watching videos from your income tax november 2020 course and you won't believe it feels like i was born to study tax from you someday...only 9-10days have passed and i have watched almost 30 hours of video.

Everyday i watch them a lot i just love the way you teach..

All the examples pk ji mr taneja sampat i laugh a lot also when i watch your hilarious expressions and literallly i remember each and every concept...i have revised house property pgbp residential status basics almost 3times so sooon and i never imagined that i can study that much all has become possible due to you..although i am a good student from school days but literally i never enjoyed studies that much

Your notes: just one word"awesome" .i just go through them before solving institute's material and it works like wonders.... And i think 10-15bar revision to videos me hi ho jata h😅😅 The only flaw :notes rangeen nhi h😅😄..hope you got the point...

There are some teachers whom i really respect and you are at the top of the have no comparison...and those who are jealous of you will be like areee ye iska student hai tbhi kh rha h ..

But if someone asks father earns just that much that we are able to just eat and study and have some basic needs students like me can't afford 20000-30000 to spare on a subject and why would we??we know many teachers own a bmw and mercedez from our money and by charging unnecessary fees that certainly is'nt worth it...

For everyone who is a middle-class student or even a well-settled off and looking for the best faculty for ca inter taxation for the november batch and even onwards can definitely join Neeraj sir...believe me you will love it....and no one paid me to write this much😄😅...