Techniques to Crack Job Interviews

So, the results season is going on and it’s time to get rewarded for the hard work that you people have put in. Heartiest congratulations to those who succeeded and moved a step up in their career, you must be looking for new avenues now. I have titled this article as “Techniques to crack job interviews” wherein I'll tell you the tips for job interviews but the points I am going to take up hold equally valid for those who have recently cleared CA-Inter and now heading towards their articleship journey. There are a few areas to work upon which I am writing down as follows:

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Tips for Job Interviews - How to Crack Job Interviews?

Be Competent

Competency is the key today and it has always been so. Make sure you have a tremendous hold over the basics of relevant areas. Since you’re a professional, so you should be providing the solutions to employers’ problems. Brush up your knowledge since it’s been a while you’ve touched your textbooks and you’re done with your physical and mental relaxation post-exams. Theoretical knowledge is good to have but the practical implications become even more important in the real world. If you’ve not worked in any particular area during your articleship, contact your friends who have done that.

Be Relevant

Equip yourself with the latest changes. Since you’re not appearing for an exam and there won’t be any cutover date the amendments coming after which won’t be applicable, i.e., be aware of all the changes happening in your field. Study economy thoroughly, a lot goes on in the domestic and global economy. Make yourself abreast of that to the maximum possible extent.

Prepare an attractive CV

Use action verbs extensively, if possible at the beginning of the sentence itself and bolden the keywords. I am listing down a few examples for your reference:

  • Prepared financial statements including notes to accounts of various entities after reconciliation of bank statements, fixed assets and stock registers.
  • Evaluated internal control system and handled major areas independently such as inventory, banking and finance, salary, depreciation, receivables/payables, income tax provisions & statutory dues.
  • Analysed and commented upon the material variances in numbers of financial statements on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis for top management reporting.

The purpose of this is to highlight your work actions right away. On various job portal, there is AI working to shortlist the CVs and that primarily happens on the basis of these action verbs. So, if you’re not using such words, there is a high probability that your CV won’t get shortlisted. Do use them, it’s for your benefit. Further, please use a decent and good looking format e.g. a tabular format with bullet points is considered to be fairly decent. It makes your CV look good and the interviewer doesn’t need to put in much efforts to scan your CV. Afterall your CV is representing you, why won’t you spend good enough time to make that appealing?

Have command over your CV

Emphasize more on the relevant area in your CV for you’re appearing in interview. Use different CVs for different profiles. Like different questions have different answers, similarly, a single CV can’t be an all-in-one package. Frame your CV according to the profile you’re hunting and have superb command over the contents mentioned in it. Even if you don’t have hands-on experience in any area and you’ve mentioned that in your CV as it was required to get shortlisted, make sure you learn about that practically before your interview.

Be Active

Make full use of networking sites e.g. LinkedIn and other relevant portals. Upload your profile on the sites e.g., etc and of course the Institute’s campus placement. Check these portals and few others if you deem fit on a regular basis. Keeping your number reachable and checking your emails thrice a day is also important. Enhance your virtual presence so as to get spotted quickly.

Have a good network channel

Talk to your seniors who are already there where you want to go. Ask about the working pattern and functions there. Show your interest to be there and gradually ask whether they can refer you to the organisation. While doing so, don’t be too blunt, keep it a noble task. You can also go to network seminars because networks do matter in a professional career. Hence, create and nurture your networks carefully.

Analyse your interests and options

You can’t have an interest in everything so respect that fact and move accordingly. Prepare an excel sheet containing the industries name you’re targeting for, further drilling down to the specific company names. Write a line or two about that company and pick out the net revenue, net profit, total assets and liabilities of the company from the latest financials and enter that in your file in a decent format. This research is mandatory because it gives you the basic idea about the company. Further, while going to the company’s website and looking for these details, you may find a few openings suiting your profile in the career section, you can apply from there as well. Articleship candidates may do some R&D for the CA firms.

Communication and presentation

There is a famous saying in Hindi “Jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai”, it’s very true in the practical world. Even though we’re Indians, but almost every interview is conducted in English for some reasons and we can’t challenge that. So, it becomes important to have a clarity of thoughts and to articulate your thoughts properly in an understandable manner. One need not have a British-like accent, but having a good command over your language and comprehension do matter a lot. There is no use of the knowledge you possess if you can’t reproduce and articulate that when required. So, it’s a point to note and act upon.


When you’ve gone through the interview phase and now being awarded a joining offer. Since you’re new to this job world, the high compensation packages may lure you and that’s completely okay. But the thing to keep in mind is, do you actually want to do the job you’re having an offer for? Because it makes no sense to get fat paychecks for 3 months and leaving the job after that, saying I don’t like this job. If you’re getting a job that you like with high package, it’s a wonderful situation to be in. But in case if it’s not so, then be rationale and give due considerations to all the factors before deciding, because career mistakes chase you longer than you expect.

Side Hustle (Bonus)

I was sceptical about adding this point but then thought it proper to jot down this as well. After you’ve got your job and are well settled with that, start hustling side by side. It can be anything e.g. freelancing, blogging, shooting informational videos etc, but make sure that is something which you love to do. I recently read a book titled “The Side Hustle”, in which the author specifically guides through the way to be an entrepreneur while carrying your job as well. So, if you have some plans like that down the lane and at present you have to go for job, then this is for you. While it creates an additional stream of income for you but more importantly it gives you a sense of satisfaction and gratitude towards yourself.

Landing in a correct and relevant job is not so easy these days. Today, there are almost 10× the number of candidates for an open position due to a gap between demand and supply. Well, that’s not in our hands and we can’t do much about that except working on ourselves and that's why these tips for job interviews will help you. That’s why it’s important to do your home-work properly so that whenever opportunity knocks your door, you grab that with both hands. The basic idea is not only to land in a job but to land in a job that’s worth your time and efforts, the one you’ll actually love doing.

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Hope these tips for job interviews will help you in some manner, if you’ve any question or suggestion you can write them down in the comment section below, I’ll respond. Thank you for your time.

Diwakar Jha