Motivation for CA December 2021 Exams | Simple Things To Do in Last Few Days

CA December 2021 exams are about to start. Now, there's the most amount of stress that the exams are just a few days away and everyone is tensed on what to do?

The best thing is to study. Now you must be thinking we have already studied to its peak and can't do it anymore. All we want is to get it over anyhow.

So what's the problem! It will get over, why stressing over that? But just remember, if at this moment you gave up or did any mistake then whatever hard work you did till now will all get wasted.

control your emotions because this is the time which can make 'zero to hero or hero to zero'.

Believe on whatever you have studied so far and continue doing so. Just one thing is requested is to isolate yourself from all social media platforms.

I am not saying to completely cut yourself off from the world. Talk to your friends, your parents. Just stay away from social media.

Just keep your focus intact on your upcoming exams as you need to stay motivated from the first till the very last exam. If you are motivated for one and not the rest then that will be problematic.

Just a few tips from my end to help you stay focused in the last few days:

1. Plan every night your next day's schedule and start working on the same as soon as you get up the next day.

2. Second, unwind yourself. You don't need to watch YouTube or Netflix for unwinding, nor you have that time.

In order to unwind yourself, just listen to good music or just meditate (inhale and exhale properly) And just see the results.

3. Sit with your family, trust me they are good people and they will tell you good things. There you will definitely find motivation and will give you a sense of fulfilment that will motivate you to study more and do nothing else.

4. Now the game is only about sustaining yourself, you have already won the game and made your game, now just till the very end you need to keep on batting. That's it!

5. See, I just don't believe in giving you any plans that complete this much in these many days or any other this and that.

Just reserve your last 3-4 days for your first paper depending upon you are giving one group or both the groups and just give your best.

In the remaining days before, just try to wrap up whatever is left.

The crux at this time is to put yourself together and till time will also eventually go, that's the best thing about this time.

You must have taken similar stress while giving your board exams, your Foundation exams and if you are in CA Final then your intermediate exams as well.

That time also went away and remember the amount of happiness that results brought to your face. Just keep working for that day and keep in your conscious mind the happiness you get.

Feel that glimmer in the eyes which used to come to you and your parents face. You just have to live to get that experience again at this moment.

Right! This is just a small-time, it will go away just don't stop working hard and don't give up.

I hope you found some hope through this article which will help you win your game.

Seekhte rahe kyunki seekhna shuru toh jeetna shuru

All the best, stay blessed

Kill it!!

Neeraj Arora

सीखते रहे, क्यूँकि सीखना बंद तो जीतना बंद