Microsoft Excel To Other MS Softwares

Have you always wondered how you can transport your report or data on Excel to other Microsoft software with the click of a mouse? This function in Excel is a MUST KNOW and can save a lot of your time. Get ready to flaunt these skills at your workplace!

Generally, when there is heavy data on our Excel Spreadsheet, we convert it into reports on Microsoft Word or presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint for easy understanding of the viewer.

The conventional way of transferring data from MS Excel to either of the two applications is by using the copy-paste option i.e., select the range of cells in Excel -> Ctrl + C -> MS Word/MS PowerPoint -> Ctrl +V or by using the snipping tool/screenshot feature.

The problem with these techniques is that, if the data is changed in the former, there is no change shown in the latter. This is extremely disadvantageous as keeping a track of each cell which was changed becomes a tedious job and is time-consuming.

Let us now learn the easy method of doing this. In this method, any change in the Excel sheet will reflect in the other document you are working on.

MS Excel to MS Word

Steps to follow:

  • In Excel: Select data -> Ctrl + C
  • In Word: Under the Home Tab -> Paste -> Link & Keep Source Formatting
  • If you change any data on the Excel sheet, on the word document, Right Click on the Data -> Update link.

MS Excel to MS PowerPoint

Steps to follow:

  • In Excel: Select data -> Ctrl + C
  • In Word: Under the Home Tab -> Paste -> Paste Specials -> Paste link -> Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object
  • You don’t have to update the link like MS Word. Any change in the Excel worksheet will be automatically reflected in the PowerPoint Presentation.

Pro Tip: Always update your link before giving your presentation. Any changes in your worksheet which you may have forgotten to include in the report will get updated in the document.

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