EXAM Talk | Get rid of Negative Self-Talk | CA December 2021 Exams

Hello Guys! How are you all?

I know your exams are approaching and the worst thing you are doing is - Negative Self Talk. 

You are unable to solve a question and you start saying that you are unworthy, you can't do anything.

Why? Have you not done anything until now?

You have done Matriculation, 12th, maybe Graduation, Foundations. Right?

So stop doing this, this negative talk is going to keep building itself and will flow you towards more negativity.

When no one believes in you, you still have to believe yourself.

No problem if you couldn't solve the question, it's good.

Now you can analyse your mistakes and won't repeat them in your exams.

Being positive only means taking out the best possible from every circumstance.

If you are unable to solve the question, just see what went wrong.

If you are unable to understand a chapter see where you lack.

By cursing yourself nothing is going to improve.

Do positive self-talks. Positive self-talks doesn't mean that you leave your studies and start singing All is well.

It means looking for the best possible solution. No one in this world can achieve 100% of everything, this idea of achieving 100% in itself is a shame, a lie.

Do you think, Apple products are 100% flawless?

The answer is a Big NO!!

Steve Jobs definitely claimed to be a perfectionist, but does that mean he achieved 100% perfectness in his products?

No right!!

Did he start cursing himself or his team for that? Did he say Tim you can't do this, just start cooking?


If something bad happens, understand what has happened and seek the solution and move ahead. If you get scared then you will be left behind, and if you put yourself together you will move ahead.

Don't get worried, just kill it!!

Just the last few days are left, you just have to keep telling yourself that you will be free after that and the world will be yours.

I hope you understood something from this, now no negative talks, just give your best.

With this note guys, thank you so much, stay connected stay ahead.

Seekhte rahe kyunki seekhna shuru toh jeetna shuru

Neeraj Arora

सीखते रहे, क्यूँकि सीखना बंद तो जीतना बंद

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