CA May 2022 Exams Preparation Strategy

CA May 2022 exams are approaching. It's already January and all the holidays are also over. It's time to develop and maintain that flow. This is the time that can make or break the game.

Already so many students have started thinking that the exams are not going to happen due to the rising covid cases. This is just an assumption. No one should pause or stop his study because of any assumption.

It's time to get on track and ace your preparations so that you can ace your exams. In this article, we will try to cover every aspect which will help you score well in your upcoming exams.

Will CA May 2022 Exams Happen?

Now, there is a rumour running in the air that exams won't happen because the covid will be on the peak at that time. We strongly criticise such an assumption.

Even if the exams don't happen, why won't you study?

As a student, it's your duty to keep your preparation going and be well prepared. Exams are just a way to test you. Don't rely on giving and clearing exams. You are much more than that. 

If you want to be extraordinary and wish to inculcate the knowledge in you then keep your studies going. You are not only studying to give your exams but also to develop that knowledge in you.

How to Prepare for CA May 2022 Exams?

As the syllabus is so vast, students often get overwhelmed by seeing that. Even though all the syllabus is right in front of their eyes, still there is chaos on the way of studying and grasping everything.

It's quite understandable as it's the first time in Intermediate that the student gets introduced with such a variety of subjects which need to be studied in that depth.

Let's discuss the ways which can help you ace your preparation and execute your exams well.

1. Keep on Studying

As discussed previously you needn't think that exams won't happen and you stop studying. First of all, it's too early to think like this and secondly it's not your job to worry about all this.

At this moment it's better to keep your preparation moving as no one knows what will happen next.

Don't get indulged in the conversations happening on platforms like Twitter or YouTube. That will just drain you in so many ways. This is the time when you should just think about how to give your best in studying.

2. Develop and Stick to Your Plan

Till now many students would have formulated their study plan but if you have not yet then it's the time to do that. Don't just study blindly, it won't help.

Develop a plan and follow it religiously with minor modifications. It's okay if sometimes your target is not achieved but it's not okay if it's never achieved.

3. How Many Groups to Attempt?

If you are still stuck with the decision of how many groups to give at a time then again this is your time to decide on that too.

This is the time when you should get that clarity and continue with that. Remember, whatever you decide now stick to it.

If you decide to attempt one group then give one group only even if the exams are postponed but if you decide to attempt both the groups then stick with that plan and make a plan that will help you prepare your subjects till April, don't wait for postponement.

4. The First Reading

Your first reading, if you are studying on your own, must be completed by February end (max till March first week).

Again if you are taking your coaching classes then your classes and first reading both should be completed by February end.

5. Develop a Time Table

Developing a timetable will keep you on track. As the syllabus is so vast, you will get an idea of where you are lagging and where you are leading.

Then you can develop a balance by modifying your strategy. Time tables should help you in balancing things, don't stick to your timetable if that's hindering your studies of some subjects. Just modify it.

6. Minimum Three Revisions

If you are able to get over with your first reading by February end then you will have ample time for three more revisions, if you plan well.

The number of revisions is the key to remembering things for your exam. Only studying for one time won't help you, you won't be able to remember anything. It's mandatory to revise multiple times.

7. Plan Your Mock Tests

While studying and revising your content, don't forget to give mock tests in regular time intervals. It's always better to include mock tests in your schedule itself so that you don't have to take out extra time for that and feel that it's a burden for you.

Mock tests are crucial for attempting your main exams. Only studying and cramming things won't help if you don't know how to present your knowledge in your paper.

8. Keep Self Belief

CA exams are not only a test of your knowledge but also of your mental strength. Getting that strength is also important so that you don't panic in your exams.

If you are here and you are doing your hard work then trust the universe, nothing wrong can happen. We don't want to get into any philosophical things but dedication won't betray you.

9. Don't Ignore Your ICAI Material

This is the umpteen times we are saying this and almost everyone says this, your ICAI material is your holy Bible, never ignore that.

There is a 99% chance that all your paper is from the material itself. If you can study whole materials of authors then why not of ICAI.

10. Make Your Own Notes

Even though all your facilities give their notes either in written or printed form, your own notes will give you conceptual clarity and you won't miss out on anything and that will also lead to well-written practice of all the important keywords.


No one needs to panic or worry about exams, remember it's just an exam and not your whole life. But it's also not important to ignore your studies and chill.

Enjoy your life but also work hard to attain your long term goals. We hope this article was of some use to you.

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