About Edu91 Learning

Chartered accountants are considered as the partner in nation building. Edu91 Learning is India’s largest online learning platform for CA Students, is trying to provide the best education and guidance to the CA Students of India. With over 1.5 million view every month on our YouTube Channel and our Pen Drive and Online Classes, we are reaching to the remotest CA Student of the country.

Our success stories include thousands of students who cracked the one of toughest examination of India, increased their knowledge, improved their communication skills, got motivated for bigger purposes in life.

Edu91 Learning Cofounders- Neeraj Arora and Vrinda Chugh.

On YouTube, We are currently the biggest channel for CA Students with over 6,26,000 subscribers. Our different platforms (www.edu91.org, www.youtube.com/neerajarora, www.youtube.com/cafoundationclasses ) have more than 2,000 videos lectures for CA Students.

About our projects in brief-

www.edu91.org - Get amazing courses for CA, CFA, ACCA, Class XI, Class XII, Skill Building & much more.

www.youtube.com/neerajarora - India’s biggest YouTube Channel for CA Students

www.youtube.com/cafoundationclasses - Exclusive channel for CA Foundation

Why Us? (USP’s of Edu91 Learning)

1. Teaching Style (Content Delivery) - We don’t follow the traditional teaching techniques which are based mainly on a teacher explaining a topic and students taking notes, but we use unique teaching methods like involving memory techniques to memorise things faster and retain for longer period, using real life examples to make them understand the concepts better, and providing them with revisionary material so that they can revise syllabus easily.

2. Quality Content - Before delivering the lectures, thorough research is done and concepts are well backed up by real life examples. While delivering the lectures, its ensured that concepts are explained in an easy language to as to make students understand.

3. Good balance between “exam orientation & practical life - We try to maintain a balance between the type of content delivered. We not only ensure that students study things which are important from exam point of view but we also make sure that students well aware of

4. We Strictly follow ICAI Study Material - ICAI’s study material is the most important study material issued by ICAI. 90% of the questions of Final Examinations are framed from the study material issued by ICAI. Our notes, conceptual explanations, test papers, everything revolves around the ICAI study material so as to make the students familiar with it which will further help them in scoring better marks.

5. Cost - Our vision is to make the quality lectures available to the students at affordable prices. We understand not all parents have deep pockets to fund their child’s coaching fees, and we want that no one’s preparation should suffer because of money. We believe in penetrating the market for the benefit of students.

6. Special Charts - We provide special charts to students to make revision easy. Without proper revision it becomes really hard to retain the knowledge gained in the classroom.

7. Doubt Support - We love connecting with students and helping them with all their doubts. After selling the classes we don’t leave our students’ success to fate but we hustle along with them, we work throughout the year to deliver the best to enhance their performance in exams. Neeraj Sir himself takes the conceptual doubts of all the students on Telegram. We try to resolve doubts as fast as possible within 24-48 hours.

8. Tech Support - Software issues are handled by our efficient technical team. We try to resolve all the technical doubts within a time span of 24-48 hours (excluding non-working days). We don’t want to disturb the flow of studies of students, therefore we’re working day and night to make our technical team even more efficient.

9. Connection with students till exam and even after that - Our motive is to help students improve their way of learning, and perform better in exams, we stay in regular touch with our students, through Youtube, telegram, our software to motivate them on regular basis and to be with them in their hard times. Students rely on us not only for the lectures but also for the constant positivity that Neeraj Arora Sir spreads in the whole CA fraternity.

10. Regular ICAI Update - Chartered accountancy is a very dynamic course and the institute keep coming up with latest announcements, notifications, other important information for ca students. CA Students find it difficult to keep themselves updated of all that information. So our team updates the students through Youtube channel, where we inform them about the latest notifications, announcements, and other relevant information like amendments applicable for the relevant attempt, changes in syllabus, any clarification, notification for release of RTPs and Suggested answers which is useful for them.

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