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How to Select the Right Life Insurance Plan-Yadnya Ebook

Instructor: Invest Yadnya

Language: English

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Choosing a right life insurance or Term plan can be a complicated task in this era of multiple options. There are more than 20 Life Insurance companies in India, and each have multiple insurance products. Which is the right Insurance product for you? How to choose the right insurance plan? What factors to consider while choosing the right plan? – All these questions are answered in this ebook.


No. of Pages - 27


Table of Content-

  1. Insurance - Definition
  2. What is Life Insurance?
  3. Introduction
  4. How Life Insurance policies work?
  5. Need of Life Insurance
  6. When to buy?
  7. How to choose the right Life Insurance plan?
    • Knowing all the Plan options
    • Understanding Life Insurance Riders available
    • How should I choose an insurer?
    • Knowing cost of Insurance Plan
    • Finalize the Plan
  8. Additional Suggestions
  9. Examples
    • 30 Year old - Unmarried - Non-Smoker
    • 40 Year old - Married - Non-Smoker
    • 50 Year old - Married - Non-Smoker - Diabetic
    • 40 Year old - Married - Smoker



Disclaimer - The information provided in this book is basically to help educate and guide on the subject matters discussed. All recommendations and examples are purely on the assumption basis. The author disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. Readers are suggested to consult their Financial Advisors


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