Basics of Financial Modeling and Valuation cover

Basics of Financial Modeling and Valuation

A Step by Step Approach to Building a Financial Model 

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Instructor: Anurag Singal

Language: English

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To use a cliché, we live in a volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Organizations simply cannot afford to try out new strategies in reality and correct mistakes, once they’ve occurred. The stakes are too high. Thus emerges the utility of this technique across financial planning, risk management, and business process mapping.

Financial models help a business manager get some logical sense of the future.

Financial modeling is nothing but a mathematical mapping of business strategies of your financial statements. It helps managers to run the simulation in a computer environment and immediately see the impact of their change, without risking costly setbacks of real world trials and errors.

Becoming a master in the art of financial modeling is imperative if you want to enter the ultra-competitive world of corporate finance, be it investment banking, private equity, or as a buy-side analyst. Only those who excel (pun intended) in modeling early on are often the most successful long-term.

The course aims to help a user deep dive into the art of financial modeling and valuation. The reader will be able to prepare/use existing models more competently, interpret the results and have greater comfort over the integrity and accuracy of the model’s calculations. We would show you the tools—the vocabulary and the syntax of model building for developing a model that works properly.

1. Introduction

2. Approach to Financial Modelling

3. Deep Dive into the Construction Phase

4. Guidelines for Creating an Effective Financial Model

5. Chapter 5 Scenario Analysis and Sensitivity

6. Financial Modeling—Real Life Illustrations - Alibaba IPO, Facebook IPO, Hotel Project Evaluation, Uber Valuation, Startup , Mature Startup.

Duration of the course- 4 hours

Validity- 365 days from the date of purchase

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Who are your target students?  

Finance Students, keen to build a career in Corporate Finance, M&A, Investment Banking, Equity Research.


Financial Modelling is a very important skill to learn as it enables us think of the future and facilitate management decision making.

The various aspects where it can be used are M&A, Valuations, Forecasting, FP&A, Investment Banking etc

Learn and move a level up in your career by a seasoned industry expert, Anurag Singal ho has been into this domain from past 10 years. 

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