CA Foundation Differential & Integral Calculus N19 | Mobile App cover

CA Foundation Differential & Integral Calculus N19 | Mobile App

Instructor: Madhav Bajaj

Language: Mixture of English & Hindi

Available on android
Mobile Only Course for CA Foundation | Business Mathematics
Basics of Differential & Integral Calculus

In this course, you will get the conceptual clarity of CA Foundation | Business Mathematics Chapter- Basics of Differential & Integral Calculus. 

ICAI Study Material has been kept as the basis in the videos. 

Faculty- Madhav Bajaj

Validity- Exam Date (Nov 2019 Exams)

Views- 3 times

Minimum Requirments for the App on Android Phone :

1. Android 4.4 and above.

2. Minimum RAM required 512MB.

Important FAQs-

Can I access the course on any laptop?


Can I access the course on any ipad ?

Yes (Our iOS App will work on the iPAD)

Can i access the course on any tablet ?

Yes (our Android App will work on the Tablet)

How many times the videos can be watched?

The videos can be watched 3 times fully. 

One video can be watched 3 times. For eg - one lecture is of 60 minutes. Time allotted = 60 * 3 times = 180 minutes. If you open the video and watch it for 40 minutes only then remaining time will be = 180 - 40 = 140 minutes So time will also keep reducing and you can watch the lectures until the time is reduced to 0 minutes.

When will the video course expire?

This video course will expire on your exam date.

Cancellation/Refund Policy


Please note that course once subscribed cannot be cancelled.

The amount paid will not be refunded.

The course subscribed cannot be changed with another course.

The Course is not transferrable.

Read it carefully-

For technical assistance- call us on 9810113555 or drop a telegram on 9266816886

*Price are subject to change without any prior notice.


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